Visual Communication in Architectural Design

A 3D generated image of people sitting on the grass in a park watching a big screen tv

It’s the bridge between the designer’s vision and the audience’s understanding, transforming detailed architectural plans into a clear and captivating narrative. But what is visual communication in architecture, and why exactly is it so important? What is visual communication? Visual communication is the art of conveying ideas and information through visual elements. It’s all around […]

Types of Architectural Renderings

This article delves into the world of architectural rendering, exploring the different types, techniques, and styles used to bring architectural designs to life. What is Architectural Rendering? Architectural rendering refers to the creation of digital images or animations that showcase a proposed architectural design. These visuals provide a realistic and detailed representation of a building, […]

What is Wayfinding?

In this article, we delve into the specifics of wayfinding, exploring its meaning, principles, importance, benefits, and real-world examples. What is wayfinding? Wayfinding is all about helping people navigate through physical spaces. It involves the strategic placement of navigational signage, clear pathways, and intuitive design elements to assist people in understanding and navigating complex environments. […]

10 Best Rendering and Visualisation Software

Creating stunning visuals which can be nearly as good as photographic images, ensures that the key design characteristics and ambience of the spaces you have imagined are clearly understood and visualised in context. What is architectural rendering? Architectural rendering, sometimes referred to as ‘visualisation’, is the process of creating a visual image of a design […]

What is Architectural Visualisation?

“We have used Born Digital on numerous schemes over the years and dealt directly with Carl. Excellent communication and work ethos. Always happy to help and revise to keep the end user, the Client, happy at all times.” H. Gareth Jones, Director BDS Gwynedd Architectural visualisation has emerged as a modern way to convey the […]

Socially Distanced Outdoor Cinema

Born Digital has recently completed a set of visualisations to help one such company, Summer Screens, advertise their new format of event to run later this year. The images are being used on their website, social media and other marketing materials. This was a very interesting commission for a number of reasons. The government guidelines […]

City Wayfinding

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Benefits of 3D Visualisation – Introduction

Computer-generated visualisations will help clients achieve all of these aims. However, sometimes it’s only during the process of the commission, of creating the illustrations, that clients discover some of the other benefits of the computer-generated visualisation approach: that they can try different combinations of colours or materials, adjust the design, view the scheme from different […]

Design by 3D

This allows a client to see their design in a photorealistic way before committing to building or production. Clients can request changes to the design, colours and materials, testing their ideas at the visualisation stage. Taking this process further, the building of the 3D model can be used as an integral part of the design […]



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