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Benefits of 3d Visualisation – Introduction


When commissioning a computer generated visualisation a client often has a specific set of requirements.  These tend to fall into three categories:

  1. I have a design and I want to see what it looks like before it’s built.  This will save the time and cost associated with initial, physical prototyping.
  1. I have a scheme and I want to have planning permission approved.  2d plans and elevations are often hard to read.  A photomontage can put the building in it’s correct context making it easier to understand.
  1. I am about to start construction but I want to sell as many units as possible before building is completed on site.  As an alternative to a show home or to help people see beyond the mud and the scaffolding, a photorealistic visualisation will help market a development and help sell plots months before they are finished.

Computer generated visualisations will help clients achieve all of these aims.

However, sometimes it’s only during the process of the commission, of creating the illustrations, that clients discover some of the other benefits of the computer generated visualisation approach: that they can try different combinations of colours or materials, adjust the design, view the scheme from different camera angles, generate a 3d animation or walk-through, generate images suitable for a range of uses from a website to a billboard, change the presentation style from photorealistic to watercolour and receive amended test images promptly.  This flexible approach and relatively quick modification process is possible because the images are based on a virtual 3d model.

Over the coming weeks and months I will be writing a series of Blog posts using case studies from our portfolio to illustrate some of these and other benefits.