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archaeological reconstructions, visualisations and historical simulations

As well as visualising future projects, borndigital offers archaeological reconstructions and visualisations to illustrate historical sites and artifacts.

archaeological illustration

Drawing on our director's experience as a visiting lecturer on BA and MA Archaeological Illustration courses and his pre-production experience, borndigital recreates visualisations of artefacts, interiors, buildings and landscapes, both for archaeological illustration and educational purposes.

historical simulations and archaeological simulations

With considerable knowledge of the issues, constraints and requirements of this field, borndigital creates realistic archaeological illustration and historical simulations in 2D and 3D, reflecting the specific style and culture of the era in focus.

Starting with site photography, research and liaison with relevant experts, we can create still images or animated sequences, including walkthroughs/flythroughs.

Our heritage portfolio shows many examples of archaeological reconstructions.

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bring the past to life with archaeological visualisations and historical simulations

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