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From conceptualisation to execution, we work closely with our clients every step of the way, ensuring their vision is not only realised, but exceeded.


Established in 2002, Born Digital was founded on the conviction that the swift evolution of digital imaging technology would revolutionise the architectural illustration sector. Our belief was rooted in the notion that computer-generated imagery would streamline the communication of architects’ and designers’ concepts to their clientele, making the process more accessible and efficient. Fueled by a passion for illustration, we embarked on a journey to transform the way architectural ideas are visualised and communicated.

Over two decades later, this founding principle remains the cornerstone of our business. We continue to harness the latest advancements in digital imaging technology to uphold our commitment to delivering high-quality architectural illustrations.

With a background in both architecture and computer graphics, including experience in the dynamic realm of computer games, we combine a unique blend of skills. Our architectural training provides us with an understanding of design principles, spatial relationships, and construction techniques, enabling us to interpret and visualise architectural concepts with precision and authenticity. Simultaneously, our experience in the computer games industry equips us with proficiency in cutting-edge digital tools and techniques, honing our ability to create visually stunning and immersive environments.

This fusion of disciplines allows us to tackle a wide range of briefs, designs, and challenges with creativity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

"Our mission is to provide clients with visually captivating representations that faithfully reflect their visions, maintaining integrity in our portrayal of concepts."

Through continuous exploration of new technologies and techniques, we strive for innovation, pushing the boundaries of visualisation. Our efficient process ensures timely delivery without compromising quality, prioritising accessibility and affordability to serve a diverse clientele. With a friendly and collaborative approach, we nurture strong, long-lasting relationships built on trust and understanding.

Despite enduring challenges such as recessions and pandemics over our 22-year journey, our resilience and adaptability have fortified us, ensuring our services remain accessible and our commitment to honesty and transparency unwavering.

Carl, Director of Born Digital, brings a unique blend of architectural expertise and digital artistry to his role. Trained as an architect, he contributed to notable projects such as the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth before transitioning to the computer games industry, where he spent six years refining his skills in digital 3D modelling. In 2002, fueled by the belief that advancements in computer graphics could revolutionise architectural illustration, Carl founded Born Digital.

Since then, Carl has cultivated enduring partnerships with clients, producing hundreds of illustrations that breathe life into their ideas and designs. Renowned for his proficiency in architectural illustration, Carl is also a master of 3D modelling and 2D imaging, driven by a genuine passion for illustration and an innate talent for drawing.

In addition to his role at Born Digital, Carl serves as a sessional teacher in multimedia at Oxford University’s IT Services, imparting his expertise in software tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Blender, GIMP, Inkscape, and digital photography. Beyond the studio and classroom, Carl coaches Paddlesport and Indoor Climbing, environments that demand a composed demeanour amidst dynamic challenges.

Born Digital takes great pride in its involvement with Transport for London on the Legible London Wayfinding project, which commenced in 2007. From the inception stages, we contributed to pilot schemes in Westminster/Camden, the South Bank, and Richmond/Twickenham. 

Over the years, our dedication has seen us produce digital 3D models for more than 650 landmark buildings, ensuring accuracy and relevance in an ever-evolving London skyline. As the cityscape continually transforms, we remain committed to updating existing building models and refreshing maps to maintain the effectiveness and success of the scheme.

In addition to our work on the Legible London project, Born Digital has collaborated with various organisations since 2007, including the Hong Kong Transport Department and numerous design agencies and town councils. Our expertise has extended to Wayfinding illustrations for projects in diverse locations such as Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol, Bury, Hong Kong, Horsham, Ipswich, Leeds, and Peterborough.



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